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With, you can buy and sell, or any kind of transaction in a SAFE way without the risk of being scammed. Make your transaction with Peace of Mind. We are committed to offering a reliable and efficient escrow payment system that ensures peace of mind for both buyers and sellers. At Safe to Proceed, we understand the importance of trust in online transactions. Our online escrow services act as a neutral third party, holding funds securely until all agreed-upon terms are met. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, our escrow payment system provides a level playing field that ensures that your transaction will proceed smoothly. We have established ourselves as the go-to choice for those seeking the best escrow payment system in . Our Escrow platform is designed to make transactions safe and straightforward, giving you confidence in every deal

Safe and secure transactions

Hassle Free setup of the Escrow Account

Doorstep service

Nil fee for account setup


Safe to Proceed Escrow Features

Safe to Proceed stands to provide the reliable escrow services with its commitment to secure transactions for all parties.

  • Built for developers, by developers

    Safe to proceed escrow API is designed to ensure seamless integration for developers and optimal functionality.

  • Protecting both buyers and sellers

    Safeguard transactions through our swift online escrow services that provide a secure escrow payment gateway for everyone.

  • User friendly and responsive

    We offer you an intuitive, user-friendly and responsive interface for smooth and efficient transactions.

How The Escrow Process Works

Our Escrow Payment System provides the buyers and the sellers with a safe payment gateway and methods for any transaction without the risk of being scammed.

Buyer and seller agree
Securely transfer funds
Delivers Goods or Service to Buyer
Releases Payment to Seller promptly

Escrow Product And Services

Safe to Proceed is your go-to destination for the best Escrow Payment System. Enjoy safe buying and selling and experience the utmost security and convenience in online transactions/

Domain Names

Safe to Proceed is your trusted partner for secure transactions involving domain names. Join the ranks of industry giants like Uber, Snapchat, SpaceX, Twitter, Instagram and more, who have all benefited from our safe escrow platform.

Motor Vehicles

Whether you're purchasing a classic car, a used sailboat, or even an aircraft engine, Safe to Proceed guarantees a secure payment gateway for money transfer and seamless delivery for every sale.


From large-scale computer setups to professional sound systems, Safe to Proceed facilitates the secure buying and selling of electronic equipment, giving you peace of mind for both small and large-scale transactions.

General Merchandise

Explore the global marketplace with confidence as Safe to Proceed safeguards your transactions. Whether dealing in technical equipment or luxurious items, our escrow payment system provides unparalleled protection for buyers and sellers alike


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding our escrow payment system? Feel free to explore the FAQs section to get an insight into the best payment system.

At Safe to Proceed, our 3rd party escrow service acts as a reliable medium between buyers and sellers, providing a secure platform for online transactions. Our escrow platform utilizes advanced technology, including an escrow API, to facilitate seamless and trustworthy exchanges.

Safe to Proceed offers an advanced escrow API for businesses to integrate our secure escrow payment system seamlessly. Whether you're running an e-commerce platform or a digital marketplace, our escrow API ensures a smooth transaction process, instilling confidence in both buyers and sellers. 

Yes! Our escrow platform is adaptable to various industries. Whether you are in real estate, ecommerce, or any other sector, Safe to Proceed's escrow services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

What say our happy client

What say our happy client

“As a cautious buyer, I always prefer transactions with added security. Safe to Proceed's escrow app delivered just that! The ease of initiating and completing the online escrow payment made me confident in my purchase. The best part was knowing that the funds were safeguarded until I received and inspected the item. If you're looking for the best escrow service, Safe to Proceed is the way to go.”

"As a business owner, finding a reliable escrow payment system is crucial for successful transactions. Safe to Proceed has become our go-to solution. Their escrow app simplifies the payment process. The professionalism and attention to detail exhibited by Safe to Proceed makes them the best. I highly recommend their services to fellow entrepreneurs looking for a trustworthy partner in online transactions."

"I recently used Safe to Proceed's online escrow payment system for a high-value transaction, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The escrow app was user-friendly, making the entire process smooth and secure. As a seller, I felt relieved knowing that my funds were held safely until the buyer confirmed receipt. I highly recommend Safe to Proceed to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient online escrow payment solution."

Online Escrow Service In The World

Online Escrow Service In The World


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Safe To Proceed has fostered successful collaborations with the leading payment providers to ensure you receive the most robust and secure escrow services.


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